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All too often we want to comprehend something without taking the time to experience it. Much like when I was traveling to a new town or place, I was never able to fully appreciate it until I experienced it.

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Rebekah Lyons at Amplify

You don’t want to miss our main session speaker this weekend at Amplify.  Rebekah Lyons is the author of Freefall to Fly: A Breathtaking Journey Toward a Life of Meaning. She is a native New Yorker and will be joining us to talk about how to live lives of significance. She will challenge us to discover and boldly pursue the […]

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Five reasons to get amped for Amplify

1). Third time’s a charm This is Hoboken Grace’s third Amplify, and they get better each time. Join us for a great mix of worship music, powerful messages and scripture to help you move forward in your pursuit of God. 2). Six hours, one huge step closer to Him All of Amplify’s growth tracks will encourage and empower you to […]

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Continue to join us as we explore how to live like it is finished. This past Easter we looked at the beautiful reality that the pressure is off. But knowing it and living it are two totally different things. How do you let go of the pressure you’ve experienced your whole life? Is it really possible to live free of […]

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Easter @ Hoboken Grace

There is no greater celebration than the celebration of new life. In just three days we have the opportunity to experience that celebration in an amazing way. Our teams have been preparing for Easter for months, and it is going to be a truly special day. If you haven’t already, make plans to join us for one of five special services this […]

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Celebrating Kimberly!

This week we’re celebrating a little victory that’s making a big difference in the way one of our families is experiencing God. For over a month now, Julia has been bringing her daughter, Kimberly, to our Handprints class. But it has been a challenge. No matter how welcoming the teachers and other kids were, Kimberly just didn’t want to stay. […]

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