An Experience You’ll Never Forget

Ready to see the world and God’s love in new ways? Then grab your backpack and passport and join us on one of four mission trips this spring and summer.

You can still sign up to be a part of the teams going to Guatemala, Mexico, South Korea and Newark.

Each trip will take you to a different part of the world and offer a different way to serve.

So, where will you go?



Trip date: April 24-May 1

Info meeting: THIS SUNDAY, February 19

Pack your backpack and head to Guatemala, where we’ll be partnering with Potter’s House. The team will spend the week building a home for one of the families living in a shanty village outside the city dump. They’ll also visit other families to deliver food, and may help Potter’s House with a few additional projects.

“I’m really excited to go back this time, said Erik, who shared his story about last year’s trip in the fall. “A lot of time we, as Christians, talk about ‘walking with the Lord.’ When we’re in Guatemala building houses and going on prayer walks and delivering food to the underserved, THAT is walking with the Lord and being a servant, in my opinion.”

Erik, who is leading the trip this year, said he is also excited to be able to see a new team grow in their relationships with each other, their relationship with God and also their understanding of poverty.

“Living in a country like the United States, it’s very easy to be blinded to what is going on in other parts of the world,” he said. “By going on a mission trip like this, you are submerged in the culture and the poverty and really have to lean on God to help you be the best servant you can.”



Trip date: May 27-June 3

Info meeting: March 19

Love kids? You might also be interested in Hoboken Grace’s spring trip to Mexico. A team will be working with Casa Hogar Alegre, an orphanage that aims to provide love and care for children who have been abandoned or abused by their families.

“We basically love and serve the kids there,” said Amanda describing last year’s trip — her third visit to the Chiapas orphanage.

Those who served on last year’s team spent the week with the kids, playing with them and helping with homework. They also worked on various projects around the orphanage, such as painting and cleaning.


South Korea

Trip dates: July 1-8

Info meeting: April 23

Spend a week in Seoul, South Korea, where a team will work with Liberty in North Korea to help refugees adjust to their new life. The team will spend time visiting them, sharing meals, culture and their stories.

“Some of their circumstances were so intense, and so hard, and they were so joyful in the small things,” Micah said after last year’s trip.

The team may also help cook, clean and teach classes. Those on last year’s trip presented at a career mentorship workshop and led an empowerment workshop for LiNK’s staff. They even put together an American dinner (hot dogs and sauerkraut) for their new friends and helped throw a birthday party for a refugee living hundreds of miles away from her family.

“Working with the refugees and hearing their story is always my favorite part,” said Anthony, who leads the trip.



Trip dates: August 14-18

Info meeting: May 21

If a plane ride to the other side of the world isn’t your thing, you can (more literally) serve your neighbors a mere 25 minutes away in Newark. That’s the location of Hoboken Grace’s newest mission trip, and where a team will assist the Goodwill Rescue Mission with an array of projects.

The Goodwill Rescue Mission works to empower those who are poor, homeless and addicted to encounter Christ, while caring for them with compassion and helping to meet their needs. You can learn more about the organization here.


For more information about signing up for a trip, the cost of each trip and any other information, visit Hoboken Grace’s Missions page. You can also contact Anthony ( with any questions.

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