Summer For Preschoolers

It’s summerrrrrr! I hear Olaf singing that, don’t you? Gotta love Olaf, but we have no snowmen in our summer theme this year. We do however have water—and lots of it!

It’s time for Camp Splish Splash!

Camp Splish Splash will run through both June and July and introduce our preschoolers to lots of interactive Bible stories that all teach us God’s way is perfect. In June, preschoolers will hear about Noah and his ark, Jonah and that very BIG fish and about Gideon and his dwindling army.

As we share these stories with preschoolers, we want not only to have fun, but to show them solid examples of people following God’s way and it being the perfect way. We want to teach them to trust God’s way in the easier things so that when life gets harder, they will know that God’s way is perfect, and that’s the way they should choose.

June’s Preview Video

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