Chemistry in Action

This past Sunday we concluded our series “Chemistry” and challenged ourselves to not simply learn how to love, but to practice it. In order to facilitate this we laid out a process for us to walk through as we move forward. The process calls us to create a plan. It begins with understanding where we are in our love for […]

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Top 4

Let’s face it, we all probably have over 500 contacts in our phones if not more. Of those 500 we probably have about 5 people that we contact every day. Those people know us inside and out. They know our dreams our struggles, our favorite times and our worst times and our good qualities and not so good qualities. These […]

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Progress in the fight against Ebola

This past fall we spoke about the World Hope Organization and their efforts to bring aid and keep people safe during the devastating Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone. We also provided our community a chance to support these efforts and collected over $27,000 which was then matched by a matching donor.

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Experience Growth

By choosing to focus on God as a regular practice, you will begin to experience the blessing that James is talking about. We want that for you. That is why we’ve highlighted several ways you can begin to focus on God more in your life.

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Next Sunday

Join Us Next Sunday Hoboken Grace meets three times each Sunday. We would love to have you join us in person. You can find more information about what to expect on Sunday by clicking the button below.

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