A group of 25 of our impact leaders recently returned from a weekend with the Axiom Community. They spent three days giving their full attention to developing a deeper intimacy with God, through storytelling, Bible teaching, and personal prayer and reflection time. The retreat was devoted to spiritual renewal and preparing the heart to listen to God’s dreams.

We asked three of our impact leaders to reflect on what they took away from the experience, and here’s what they had to say.

Q. In one word, how would you describe your experience at Axiom?

A. Invigorating
A. Refreshing
A. Awe-struck

Q. How did you experience God?

A. I experienced God through sitting in silence on the dock and just enjoying his presence and creation. I also spent quality time with him asking specific questions and taking time to listen to him as he answered. God’s inaudible voice is something I hear in my mind. His directives are more like impressions and thoughts that almost always reflect scripture. So I heard him say things like, “Don’t be afraid. I have a hope and a future for you. Trust me.”

A. God was present for me in the interactions I had with the other leaders. Hearing how others experience God was powerful, and just having time away was incredible. I don’t think I’ve ever spent that much time worshiping, praying, meditating and reading. I felt God speaking to me about gratefulness and about being an encouragement to others.

A. I felt God’s presence during my quiet alone time. We were given a lot of space and time to just be with God. I feel like usually when I spend that much time with God, it’s because I’m really struggling with something, and I come to him angry, upset and anxious. But this time was different. I just spent time with him. And I felt overwhelmed by the magnitude of his love for me. I had this sense of acceptance and was just in awe of how much he loves us and how awesome his grace is.

Q. What are your next steps?

A. I need to set aside time to practice very intentional listening on a more regular basis. Slowing down and sitting with God reminds me that above all else, I am his daughter and he loves me deeply.

A. For me, the next step is making three-minute retreats a part of my routine. My daily God time has been a struggle recently. I used to read and pray on my commute, but now that I drive to work it’s hard to maintain. Axiom helped me realized that I could just be aware of him no matter where I am. I can be still and quiet, and be with him, and that can be a part of my God time. I’m learning not to put God in a little box. God time is not something I do as part of my routine. God time is all the time.

A. I spent a lot of time asking God about what steps he wants me to take next in my journey with him. And I felt him saying very clearly that I need to make fasting a part of my spiritual discipline. I have never attempted fasting or even really looked into it. But now I feel encouraged to work on this practice. I think God wants to use fasting to show me that he has so much more planned for me and to help me be more aware of his presence.

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