•  The Hoboken Christmas Exchange

    The 2018 Hoboken Christmas Exchange was a HUGE success. Over 600 Donors and over 275 volunteers came out to help make wishes come true for over 1,900 individuals. Thank you for being part of something significant and helping to love your neighbors.

301 Garden
Drop Off Location
Dec 14
Gift Exchange
The fourth annual Hoboken Christmas Exchange is bringing the Christmas magic to the mile square city once again! Be a part of making this season special for someone in need. Love your neighbors in a powerful way by becoming an elf or by adopting a family or child this December.

Adopt a Child or Family

Make sure no child in Hoboken wakes up on Christmas without a gift. When you sign up to be a donor, you’ll be matched with a child, family, or elder within the Hoboken community. If you choose to adopt a family you’ll be given a wishlist, which includes multiple people to provide gifts for. If you’re looking to buy a gift for a single child, select “child” upon submission. Then, wrap the gifts and deliver it to 301 Garden Street at one of the following times.

Become an Elf Volunteer

Create the magic during gift dropoff and pickup! With so many gifts going to so many different homes, we need elves to help organize the dropoff process. There are a few different time slots available when you can be there to help make sure everything runs smoothly.

For a couple of days, the north pole is right here in Hoboken.

What does it mean to adopt a family or an individual?

If you would like to give multiple gifts, you may want to consider adopting a family or more than one individual. Families can include multiple children and maybe even a parent or two. Families have all been screened prior to matching with an adoptee to ensure validity of their claims.

If you’d like to buy a gift for a single child, you may select “child” upon submission and you’ll be matched with a child in need and his/her wish list.

What happens after I sign up to adopt a family or individual?

You’ll receive an email shortly after with the gender(s) and wish lists of the individual(s) you’ve adopted. Once you do, you’ll be able to shop for their gifts!

What should my budget be?

We are stating a limit of around $50 per individual.

If I adopt a family, do I have to buy gifts for everyone on the list?

You will be sent wish lists for the number of family members that you signed up for. You do not need to buy everything that is on each list but we ask that you purchase something for each person you have been given a wish list for. We understand situations may arise. Please contact christmas@hobokengrace.com or call (201) 985-4415 should you be unable to fulfill any of the wish lists that you are given.

Is it only for children? 

The goal of the Hoboken Christmas Exchange is to make sure no child goes without a gift on Christmas. We also know parents are likely to spend their last dollar on gifts for their children and so we also collect their wish lists. Lastly, we include the elderly to brighten their Christmas as well.

Should I include a Gift Receipt? 

Yes please. We do our best to collect the right sizes and items for each person, but may not get it right. We ask that you include a gift receipt with the purchase so the family may exchange if necessary.

If I shop online, can I ship my gifts directly to the church or can I drop off the gift prior to the distribution day?

We cannot accept delivered packages. We’re only able to accept the gifts at the designated drop off times.

I’ve signed up to adopt a family or child but am no longer able to purchase a gift.

Please contact christmas@hobokengrace.com or call (201) 985-4415.

Do I have to wrap my gifts?

Please do. Gifts that are already wrapped have a special way of exciting a child. This will ensure the surprise and excitement will be genuine.

I would like to help out with the event.

If you’re available to help out, we need as many “elves” as possible! We need people to help with wrapping, family portraits, card making, gift giving and cookie eating! Email christmas@hobokengrace.com

Children over the age of 12 are welcome to join the elf team.

Who should I contact for media inquiries?

We’d love to get the word out! Email christmas@hobokengrace.com

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