Sept. 8
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It’s a question we all ask. (Resources Coming Soon)

At the heart of every person there’s a question. No one escapes it. No one can avoid it. It’s the question of purpose. What am I here for? What’s the point?

It’s a question that every person for all of time has asked. It’s a question that God has, in his grace and love, gone to incredible lengths for us to know and realize.

This fall we want to take that answer to our friends, our family, and our neighbors! It’s not enough to simply survive. It’s not enough to simply make the most of it. It’s not enough to just keep going. There’s a reason. There’s not a single person on this planet that’s here on accident, and it’s time to make sure they know. They are here on purpose for a purpose greater than any they’re living for.

Pastor Chris

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