Series: Between Instagrams

Ona daily basis we’re exposed to the highlights of the lives of those around us. We see the vacation photos, the birthdays, the best outfits, the accomplishments and achievements. These moments are captured and shared as the #bestlife, leaving us longing for those moments ourselves. We want to live the #bestlife, but if we aren’t careful we can believe that the #bestlife is created by those moments when in fact, it’s the moments between the instagrams that actually shapes the lives we’ll lead and stories we’ll tell.

Join us as we shift our perspective and examine what it actually means to live the #bestlife. Join us as we dive into the day to day choices and decisions that lead to more than just a moment we celebrate, that lead to a life we can celebrate!

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Change the Filter

November 10, 2019

What if we stopped looking at what has been done and started looking for what God is doing?

You Have To Choose

November 3, 2019

Our choices determine our direction, but some of those choices are not compatible with others.

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