• Starting Point

    Exploring Faith Together.

Wondering about God, Jesus or the Bible? Why not check out Starting Point? Beginning in January, and continuing every 8 weeks, we will be kicking off a series of conversations about faith. Starting Point is a casual, 8-week get-together of individuals just like you learning about their story and how it fits into God’s. It’s for those of you who are brand new to your faith, returning to it, or just have questions and doubts. It’s a safe place, without judgment, where you can ask the questions you think you’re not supposed to ask in church. Your questions matter. Your doubts matter. They deserve a conversation.

Curriculum Cost: $8


Women’s Group – Wednesday’s
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March 27th – May 15th
June 5th – July 24th
August 14 – October 2nd
October 23rd – December 11th


Men’s Group – Tuesday’s
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March 26th – May 14th
June 4th – July 23rd
August 13th – October 1st
October 22nd – December 10th

Time & Location

8 weeks
720 Monroe St. Suite E-405 Hoboken


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