What’s the Deal Here?

When you walk into a service at Hoboken Grace, you can expect there to be music and a high production value. There’s one team that handles it all — the Worship Team, made up of the band and production. But so often we hear questions like this:

Isn’t the production booth only for professional lighting and sound designers?

Isn’t the band closed since they have so many people?

Today we take a look at three common myths or misunderstandings surrounding the Worship Team.


Myth #1: The Worship Team is fully staffed in every position and there is no opportunity for anyone else to join.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. We are ALWAYS open and looking for new team members. Just because you see a full band on stage or a full production booth does not mean our team is closed. It’s open for you to be a part of just like any other team at Hoboken Grace. Whether you’re a musician, a singer or someone who wants to get involved in Production, we want YOU to check out our team!


Myth #2: I must have technical or professional production experience to serve with Production.

While relevant experience is helpful, it’s not required. If you have an attention to detail, are a team player and are ready to learn something new, we’d love to have you check out Production. We work hand in hand with the band through slides and video presentation, lighting and audio mixing. All of these roles can be fully taught on the team.

Want to check out what goes down in Production? Shadow at a rehearsal!

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Myth #3: I’m musically inclined, but I’ve never played with a band or worship team, so I’m not qualified to join.

No matter what kind of musical background you have, we’d love to have you audition. We are always seeking new singers and instrumentalists in the band. Our core roles are always open, including singers, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, keys and drums.

But we don’t stop there!

If you play ANY instrument — strings, horns, brass, percussion, ukulele, steel guitar, banjo or something else — we’d love to have you audition. If you have experience creating music through Ableton, Logic, Reason or a similar program, we need you, too! Our vision for the band is that it’s made up of members of the community — and that includes all kinds of musicians and musical artists.

But wait — there’s more!

Last but certainly not least, we have a choir! This team serves alongside the band on special Sundays throughout the year. They help make our celebrations at Christmas, Easter and other big days the party that they are meant to be. It’s a fantastic way to get involved in serving with music if you long for a little extra singing in your life. The choir works on a semester rotation, so you can hop in and out throughout the year as your schedule allows.

Want to get involved with the choir or band?


Got other questions about the Worship Team? Email Arts Director Dana Reimer at dana@hobokengrace.com.







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