409 14th St. Building Update

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Last August, we announced for the first time that we had found a permanent space for our church. It was an amazing day for our church when we found out, and after a very difficult couple of years, we still saw God work in amazing ways. 

It began with the launch of the Home Initiative, taking different steps of faith as we dreamed of a permanent space that would help us to love our community and our city in better ways. 

As we look back over the past two years, we are in awe of what He has done through it all. God has provided something bigger than we ever thought possible and has provided just the type of space we needed. 

Since then, we closed on the new space and have been able to start working on everything that needs to be done for us to move into our new home! 

The new space provides over 25,000 square feet of usable room and the facilities needed to accommodate daily use with multiple configurations. It allows for classrooms, offices, meeting rooms, a worship space, a large multipurpose youth group room, and much more. We are completely blown away and are so excited to see how our nonprofit and other community partners will benefit from this amazing space. 

In the weeks that followed the closing, we hosted several work days, where we saw over 60 people participate in cleaning up, moving stuff out, and preparing the space for the contractors to come in. Through these work days, we were able to recycle over four tons of metal. After this, we were able to have several conversations to finish out the clean-out drawings and selected a contractor to complete the needed work at the space. 

In June, our permits were approved and we immediately began to work. Work started with removing the walls and risers from the theaters in order to create more open, usable spaces, and several counters throughout the building were also removed. The clean-out process carried on for a couple of weeks in order to prepare for the bigger changes and got us through to the end of the month.

This month, we were happy to see the clean-out process completed as we continue to work through design decisions and construction drawings with the architect. We have also made progress in removing old signage from the building which will allow us to soon put up our new signs! As we continue to move forward, we will soon be submitting more permits to continue all that we have to do as we move through the summer and into the fall. 

A lot of work has already been done, and we are so excited to see that progress and the involvement of our church through it all!

As construction continues and discussions proceed with permits and approvals, we are at a very important part of this process. We ask everyone to continue to pray for this process, the church leadership, and our city leaders as we work through everything we need to do to open up this space that will impact our city.

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