5 Reasons You Should Join the Choir

You don’t have to have been part of Hoboken Grace for very long to know that we love to celebrate. Chris routinely pops a bottle of champagne on stage, and when someone comes up out of the water after baptism, we raise the roof.

This fall, our church is launching a new group entirely dedicated to celebrating — a choir. If a choir doesn’t sound like your idea of a party, we intend to change your mind.

“This is not going to be a bunch of people in robes, swaying in unison and holding sheet music,” says Dana, Hoboken Grace Arts Director. “It’s just going to be people who enjoy singing and are singing along with everyone else. They just happen to be on stage providing a model of what it looks like to celebrate and worship God.”

The choir will perform about three times a year, including at Christmas and Easter. Dana says she wanted to make the choir as user-friendly as possible, so rehearsals will almost always be on Sundays. There are also just five rehearsals before the choir will take the stage on December 20th, making it a very manageable time commitment.

“If you love singing but don’t want to be singled out this is perfect for you,” says Dana. “You don’t have to have a solo or a microphone in your face. But you do get to create something with other people. And there’s an energy that only a choir can bring, that takes celebrating to a whole other level.”

Here are five other reasons to join the choir.

  1. You’ll have an excuse to start singing Christmas music in September. Yes, we said September. There are just five rehearsals before the first performance, so we won’t waste any time breaking out the holiday cheer.
  1. You’ll meet people who don’t think it’s weird that you sing in the shower and sometimes – ok always – use the loofah as a microphone.
  1. You’ll help make Christmas and Easter the parties they’re meant to be.
  1. You promised yourself you would find a new way to get involved this year and 2016 is just around the corner.
  1. You’ll never be asked to wear a choir robe. That’s right, all the community spirit and joy of making music together, no medieval robes required.

Interested in joining? Or just want to learn more? Attend the info meeting on September 2oth.

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