A Gift Not Taken for Granted

Mother’s Day is a beautiful day to remember to honor our mothers (Ephesians 6:1-2), remember how priceless they are (Proverbs 31:10), and to reflect on the life thatthey have provided (Psalm 113:9). Being a Mother is a unique and beautiful journey and as Hoboken Grace attendee Veronica stated perfectly, “it’s a blessing that cannot be taken for granted.”

Veronica is a single mother whose love for God is at the forefront of her household and her parenting. “Being a mom is a unique experience for every mom,” says Veronica. “There are no instructions on how to do it. It’s more of a learning process, a lot of instinct, and qualifications God provides to each mom to be the best mom according to her circumstances.”

The first time Veronica attended Hoboken Grace she felt a sense of welcoming amongst the struggle of personal emotions. Coming from a stable house growing up, she felt defining a “perfect family” for her son was an ongoing struggle when there was this overwhelming feeling of something missing. After that first invite from a friend, Veronica started attending Hoboken Grace every Sunday and it became a life changing moment for both her and her son. “It was my relationship with God that made a difference in how I see parenting,” she said. “It wasn’t until I drew closer to God that I understood I always had that perfect family I wanted for my son.”

Having Hoboken Grace integrated into her weekly routine, Veronica began to see how engaging God has changed how she envisions her and her son’s life. “Engaging God with my child has filled any voids, and any missing pieces. Having God in my family has renewed it and made it beautiful.”

Grace Kids became a new favorite for Veronica’s son. He even started to ask, “when are we going to church again?” Veronica is constantly making sure her son knows to love and trust God. A parental priority for Veronica is to ensure that her son knows God and that his future children know God as well.

She is constantly learning from her son, especially during quarantine. She has reflected on the truth that throughout life, kids are constantly teaching adults and not always the other way around! “[Kids] haven’t yet been ‘contaminated’ by the world, they are pure and giving. In the past couple months, I’ve learned so much about the patience kids have; they are always positive and they always forgive easily,” says Veronica.

Veronica celebrated this Mother’s Day by sharing a meal with her mom, niece and son. Her son even surprised her with a card he made himself! She reflected on the blessing it is to see a little baby become a little boy. “To see him grow with you is priceless,” says Veronica.

Hoboken Grace would like to wish everyone a very Happy Mother’s Day

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