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A Community Impact

In this ever-growing, ever-changing city, an annual event has taken root. For the past seven years, hundreds of people have come together in the name of community and love for a citywide day of service. Last year, local parks, businesses, schools and nonprofit organizations all felt the love as 400 volunteers banded together to create [...]

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The Best 1Day Yet!

Seven years after 1Day launched, it's still incredible to see the impact of one day (or three hours, really) of service. It's amazing to see what can happen when community members come together, sharing the goal of loving their neighbors. With 400 volunteers and 36 projects, this was the biggest 1Day yet! But it wasn't just about what was accomplished. [...]

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Sneak Peek of 1Day Projects

1Day is just two days away! And it’s going to be huge! There are now 35 projects planned across the city. And while some may be familiar if you’ve attended 1Day in the past, volunteers will also be serving local businesses, the Hoboken Housing Authority and several other new organizations. “It’s an opportunity for people to come together and [...]

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1Day, Big Impact

On Saturday, September 30, Hoboken Grace will once again blanket our city with hundreds of volunteers for the annual 1Day Hoboken event. Each year, the number of volunteers grows, and the impact on the community is magnified. “There is something that connects your hands to your heart when you are able to serve people in a way that actually takes […]

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1Day, Countless Ways You Made a Difference

We'll never know exactly how many people were impacted by 1Day Hoboken, but you can see the difference you made in our city. The parks, waterfront and schools are cleaner. There's a new library at HOLA, and cleared-out space at Hoboken High School. You can see the progress being made at Holy Innocents on Willow. And across the city, organizations such as The Hoboken Shelter and In Jesus' Name Charities are now stocked with the 10,000 meals you helped package.

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1Day, 30 Projects, Unlimited Potential

Just two weeks after moving to Hoboken last year, Courtney signed up for 1Day, a community service event that takes place across the city. She was eager to learn more about Hoboken Grace and meet new people. "What better way to get your feet into church and then go and serve the community?" she said. "I just kind of showed up and didn't know what to expect, but thought that it would be a great opportunity to get to know people.”

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Our Biggest 1Day Project Yet!

Each year, 1Day brings together as many people as possible to accomplish as much as we can for our city, with projects at parks, schools and local organizations. In addition to those projects, volunteers at this year’s event on Sept. 24 will also put together meals for families struggling with hunger in our community. But here's the catch: We're packaging 10,000 meals — in two hours.

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Sneak Peek of 1Day Projects!

1Day Hoboken is THIS Saturday. Have you preregistered and invited your friends? Registration starts at 10 a.m. at Church Square Park (4th and Willow). Each team will head off to their respective projects soon after, then reconvene around 1:30 p.m. at The Turtle Club for an epic after-party. You won’t want to miss your chance to win a FitBit, a yearlong […]

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