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Towards the end of last year, I put together a life plan. I had done one before on a smaller scale, but this one was put together with a trained facilitator and over the course of two days, mapping out what I’d like to accomplish and how to get there. It really helped me to gain some incredible insight into my life —where I was going, where God had taken me.

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It’s Not That Simple

Comments can impacted the way we approach complicated conversations. Conversations about difficult questions are crucial. We need to learn how to have those conversations. We can’t just avoid them because they’re complicated, but as my friend stated, it needs to be given time. Which means there are a few practices we need to adopt as we engage.

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Continue to join us as we explore how to live like it is finished. This past Easter we looked at the beautiful reality that the pressure is off. But knowing it and living it are two totally different things. How do you let go of the pressure you’ve experienced your whole life? Is it really possible to live free of […]

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Celebrating Kimberly!

This week we’re celebrating a little victory that’s making a big difference in the way one of our families is experiencing God. For over a month now, Julia has been bringing her daughter, Kimberly, to our Handprints class. But it has been a challenge. No matter how welcoming the teachers and other kids were, Kimberly just didn’t want to stay. […]

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