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5 Reasons You Should Join the Choir

You don’t have to have been part of Hoboken Grace for very long to know that we love to celebrate. Chris routinely pops a bottle of champagne on stage, and when someone comes up out of the water after baptism, we raise the roof. This fall, our church is launching a new group entirely dedicated to celebrating — a choir. […]

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Performing Personal Poetry

As Paul writes in 1st Corinthians, every believer has been blessed with a spiritual gift. Some of us are sympathetic listeners, while others are powerful speakers. Some of us serve quietly behind the scenes, while others lead publicly. We are all specially gifted to play a unique and vital role in the body of Christ. At Hoboken Grace, a member […]

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Why We Create

If you’ve been attending any of our services regularly the past month or so, you may have noticed a few things.   We’ve started a dance team that choreographed and performed an original piece about baptism, our spoken word team has been writing and creating beautiful, poetic works, we’ve installed backdrops made from scratch, we created powerful activities at Teams […]

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What the Heck is Teams Night?

On Friday, June 5th, we will have our second Teams Night of 2015. Our first one, in March, was an incredible night of prayer and worship, and just of time spent leaning on God. Over the past several months I’ve had a lot of questions about it, mainly along these lines: “Can I go to Teams Night?” “Can I bring […]

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