A Commitment Worth Celebrating

Once a month at Hoboken Grace, we celebrate baptism with members of our church family. It’s a physical symbol that represents a spiritual change — a new life found in Christ.

This month is no different. We will be celebrating baptisms next on Easter Sunday. (You can find out more by attending one of the baptism classes held after each service this week.)

For Margarita, who took the step several weeks ago, baptism was a public declaration. It was a commitment, she says, that she wanted to celebrate with other people. The Writing Team recently asked her a few questions about her decision and her journey.


How did you hear about Hoboken Grace?

I moved to Jersey City in November 2015 from Chicago and was working in New York City a few times a month. When I came here, I started attending a church in the city regularly but found the church too big, with a lack of community and connection with other members of the church. Before long, my boyfriend and I tried two or three other churches but never really found a “home.” One day, my boyfriend did a Google search and found Hoboken Grace. We decided to go that Sunday and when we walked in, one of the first songs they played was “Oceans” by Hillsong, which is one of my favorite songs. Right then, I felt that this was a sign from God and that we were finally home.


What made you decide to join Hoboken Grace?

As soon as we walked into Hoboken Grace, my boyfriend and I immediately felt at home. Everyone was so welcoming, and we really enjoyed the huge presence of community within the church. I started volunteering with Hoboken Grace Kids, joined a dinner group, and the rest is history!


What steps did you take to get baptized?

One day after service, I went to the intro class “Next” and learned what the steps were in a pamphlet which was given to new members at the meeting. I had been thinking about being baptized for a little over a year and it just seemed like the right time for me. Angie [from the Family Life Team] and my dinner group made themselves available to me for any questions I had and I also attended a baptism class before actually getting baptized.


What made you decide to get baptized?

I stopped going to church after my parents got divorced, and about a year ago, I went through some difficult times and found myself turning to God in my time of need. I looked into baptism as a Christian and really liked that it symbolizes a public declaration of Christ and that it is your own decision, not your parents’ or anybody else’s. I believe baptism is a beautiful way of celebrating your commitment to Christ, and I made the decision to do it surrounded by people who wanted to share in that moment with me!



If you are interested in learning more about taking the step of baptism, “What is Baptism” will be offered after each service on Sunday. For more questions, email Sarah at sarah@hobokengrace.com.

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