Compassion In Action

Compassion Sunday 2015 is coming up at Hoboken Grace on Sunday, May 3. This is an incredible opportunity to learn about the work of an amazing Christ-centered organization called Compassion. Through their child sponsorship program, Compassion enables people just like you to help provide for the physical and spiritual needs of children around the world living in poverty. Compassion provides supplementary school programs, Bible education and church planting, medical resources, and much more to any sponsored child. The letters that are written between the child and sponsor are a blessing and an encouragement to both sides.

I have sponsored Cila, a girl from Indonesia, for the past 5 years, and it has been incredible to hear about how Compassion is investing in her life. She is doing great in school and is able to share what she is being given with her family. Her faith is growing strong, and in her letters she often quotes the Bible and tells me about her favorite worship songs. It is really amazing to hear how Compassion is able to transform an entire village by setting up a center and caring for the children of the community. I can’t think of a better way to have such a large impact.

We hope you will join us on May 3 to hear more about how Compassion is impacting children all over the world and how you can sign up to sponsor a child. If you don’t want to wait, you can sponsor a child at any time by going to

Written By Rob Williams

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