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Father’s Day at Hoboken Grace

This Sunday we celebrated Father’s Day at Hoboken Grace. It was wonderful to honor our fathers, grandfathers, and the father-figures who have been instrumental in making us who we are today. As a gift to all fathers who attended, we had a special churro bar and we gave out Hoboken Grace aprons for dad to use when he’s being master of the grill!

There were also 3 baptisms, 2 of them being a moving surprise Father’s Day present for one of the dads! 

Father’s Day was also the first time Pastor Anthony gave the message since his surgery. It was a great conversation for the second week of the Learning to Love Roller Coasters series. Pastor Anthony knows better than most how life can be like a roller coaster, having had many ups and downs with his cancer battle these last few months.



He spoke about how he struggled to find God’s peace in the midst of the hard times but he worked on trusting Him and letting God control the ride and once he relinquished control, he felt peace again. It was a poignant and inspiring message and a great continuation of this relevant series. Pastor Anthony said that we can have confidence riding the roller coaster of life because of who we know, where we’ll go, and what He’ll show. When we know God, we know the creator of the ride and He knows where we’re going, and He will show us the way. 


It was such an awesome day celebrating our earthly fathers and our Father in heaven who loves us as His own!

If you missed any of it, you can catch up here and be sure to join us next week as we continue the conversation!

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