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The Story Team recently sat down with Jian-Ning to learn more about what its like to attend Amplify and how the experience has impacted him and his faith. Read below to hear just what he has to say about that special day and to see some pictures from the last event!

Why was Amplify important to attend?

It was a day that I could set aside to focus on learning on a deeper level on topics that I knew were important to my personal growth and faith journey.

Was an area of your faith strengthened by the experience? What differences did you notice?

I attended the Storytelling breakout track which was all about sharing the story of your faith. I think it was a great reminder that my story is worth telling and that it’s more than just the relatively short period of time when I first decided to become a Christian. It helped me to realize that God has been working consistently throughout my life and there are so many examples to share and opportunities to pour into others through storytelling.

Did you learn anything unexpected?

While I was expecting to learn the practical ways to talk to others about God, one of the best parts was actually the way the Story track made me look back across the different stages of my life because it reminded me of all the ways that God has been pursuing me and working in my life.

This was a pivotal moment, because while I was expecting to come out with more knowledge about how to reach more people, I actually left with an even deeper appreciation of my own faith journey. I was able to tell my story more effectively, and now I saw God’s impact in so many more ways too!

How has your life been impacted since that time?

I think Amplify has been part of my growth to be more open about my faith with my non-Christian friends. I think this is a difficult thing for many of us to do, but Amplify walked through how to do it naturally in the right moments.

What would you say to someone who is hesitant about attending Amplify?

In addition to all the good things I already mentioned I would say that it’s not just listening to a lecture. The lesson was interactive and engaging, and I got to meet and talk to people who I hadn’t met before. Last but not least the band was great as always!

Amplify is coming up on Saturday, October 30! This one day event is a personalized experience that will encourage, challenge, and equip you in area of life that is most relevant to you! There are eight exciting growth tracks based on the area you want to amplify, including: Foundations, Storytelling, Empowerment, Psalms, Parenting, Money Talk, and Wisdom Literature.

To learn more and to register for Amplify 2021 click here

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