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Why We’re Going to Florida This Spring

Four months after Hurricane Michael roared ashore in Florida, becoming one of the most powerful hurricanes to ever make landfall in the United States, residents and businesses are continuing to rebuild. The Category 4 storm devastated the Florida Panhandle, reducing houses, schools and churches to rubble.

So this spring, be a part of the team from Hoboken Grace that will spend five days assisting in the recovery efforts. Whether it’s helping to rebuild, clean up or provide supplies, the team will bring the manpower that is still desperately needed.

From March 25-30, the team will partner with a church about an hour outside Tallahassee, assisting in debris cleaning, aiding the community and helping to rebuild part of the church.

Like last year’s Puerto Rico trip after Hurricane Maria, team members will be assigned different tasks each day and move from project to project, depending on what’s needed.

“The activity could change each day, and the relief that we’re providing could change,” says Shelby, who went to Puerto Rico last year and is leading the Florida trip.

For Shelby, the trip hits close to home. She is originally from south Florida and attended school near Tallahassee. And after assisting in the recovery efforts in Puerto Rico, she knows how much of an impact the team can make.

In addition, she says, mission trips are a huge growth opportunity.

“It changes your relationship with Christ in a way that I can’t even begin to fathom,” she says. “Every person I’ve talked to that’s gone on a trip has said it’s greatly impacted their relationship and it’s greatly impacted how they see things. … You see things so differently after.”

Those interested in the trip can email questions to or check out Hoboken Grace’s Missions page, where you can register for the trip.

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