Grace Kids Graduation and Child Dedication Recap

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This past Sunday, all the attention was on our little ones and their wonderful accomplishments. On a very exciting day, Grace Kids had their annual graduation, and all the smiles of the kids in their graduation caps were very heartwarming. This is a special event where we celebrate all the things that the kids have learned and accomplished in the past year. Our preschool kids make the move to Clubhouse and all of our Clubhouse kids move into their new classes based on the grade they’ll be in in the fall. This includes our 5th graders who are moving to VIBE! The children were thrilled to decorate their caps and then put on and toss them up! Parents and kids were equally proud!

This Sunday we also celebrated over 20 child dedications, and we were so happy to see these families make the commitment to raise their little ones under God’s lead! As church members, we aren’t just bystanders to this act that the parents are presenting to us and God. We also have an important job in all of this. Which is to commit to lifting these babies up in the church environment whenever possible as they are growing up and navigating their own church journey even years from now. This is the very first step in the faith journey of these young ones. It is the parent’s job to raise their kids to the best of their abilities, but when it comes to faith, it can be a rocky, unpredictable road that will require all the help they can get from their church family.

It was such a special day for everyone in attendance! Pastor Chris outlined the essential commitments we must make, as parents and as a church, to ensure we are providing the ideal environment for our children to grow up in.

If you missed the conversation, catch up and watch it here!

It warms our hearts when we see parents and children taking steps and building their relationships with God.

If you would like to dedicate your child next summer, sign up here!




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