It Takes a Village

When parents choose to dedicate their children at Hoboken Grace, they promise to remember that their child is a gift from God and that because God loves their child more, His plans for the child’s life are better than theirs. This can be difficult to commit to, but every year at Hoboken Grace more and more parents choose to make this commitment. Parents pledge to put their relationship with God first, their marriage second and their child third.

Vinny and Soomin have dedicated both of their daughters at Hoboken Grace and stress the importance of having other Christians surrounding their children to echo the truths they are teaching at home. “It takes away so much pressure. I recognize that I don’t own them and that my main focus is just pointing them to God,” said Vinny. They compare the process to growing a plant: “You plant a seed, you water it and God grows it.”

Grace Kids also helps them keep their daughters engaged all week long.  “We are memorizing Bible verses together and praying together. Without these things, we would feel empty. Doing these activities helps us build a strong foundation for our children,” said Vinny.

Kelvin and Nancy dedicated their baby girl, Kaiteri. “We wanted to commit to loving her and nurturing her in a way that will help her know her creator and the lover of her soul,” they said. “We also want to make sure we continue to put God first in our lives and our marriage second. We know that the best way for her to know God is not through anything we say, but through our actions. We hope that she will see our passion for God and hunger for the same in her life.”

As children mature, they will hold on to those strong truths that have been surrounding them in loving communities. These parents understand that they can’t force their child to follow God, their child has to decide to follow Christ on their own.

It can be a difficult journey, but Hoboken Grace is here to help. Parents are invited to participate in the Baby Dedications offered twice a year. The next one is coming up and will be held on Sunday, October 16th. If you are interested in learning more about what it means to take this step, you can sign up here. In preparation of the dedication, parents come together to talk about what it looks like to make a commitment to raise their children to know Christ.

There are also resources available through Grace Kids, such as the “parent cues” that Vinny mentioned. And in addition to supporting families on Sundays and throughout the week, Grace Kids provides an opportunity for our church family to support these little ones as they grow. You can sing, help or teach in one of the Grace Kids classes on Sundays or help put supplies together during the week. It’s all about helping children grow in loving communities. Sign up here to learn more.

Nancy and Kelvin say there are two truths they want their daughter to know above all else: “I want her to know that she can trust God with everything in her life, no matter how big or small. And I want her to understand and demonstrate His grace.”



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