Ken’s Commitment to Serving!

If you’re interested in joining a team at Hoboken Grace, click here.

After experiencing Sundays and dinner group, Ken felt an urge to give back by joining a team at Hoboken Grace. He made the commitment without knowing what it would mean for his personal growth or how much it would impact others, but the journey is one that he’s humbled by now.

We sat down with Ken to hear more. Check it out!

Story Team: Can you describe your role on Sundays?

Ken: I am the video team lead for the production team, which means that my team and I are responsible for the live video content you see on the big screens as well as the online live streams. You’ll find me most Sundays in the booth, behind the multi-screens, helping coordinate our camera efforts.

Story Team: Why did you choose that team as the best way to serve for you?

Ken: I was invited to check out the production team by a fellow dinner group member who knew I was interested in volunteering. I started shadowing the team about two and a half years ago, and I’ve come to love being part of the team since.

Story Team: How has the role impacted your sense of community?

Ken: The majority of my Christian life previously had been spent mostly receiving from the church, but never really contributing back in a meaningful way. Once I began serving, the irony I’ve found is that the more I gave to church and God, the more I received back!

There’s a very strong sense of community amongst the volunteers – not just within the production team but across every team. It is incredibly exciting and motivating to be part of this effort together.

Story Team: Have you been able to impact others?

Ken: The direct impact I have on others from behind the booth is a little hidden, but as a team we’re very confident in what we bring to the overall service experience. Especially during the past year and a half when digital became so important. We love having the privilege of being able to deliver the Sunday service experience to online viewers in Hoboken, Hudson County, and beyond!

Story Team: What would you say to someone who is thinking about serving or volunteering at Hoboken Grace?

Ken: There’s a special joy that comes from serving and contributing to the mission. Come try it yourself and find out!

If you’re interested in joining a team at Hoboken Grace, click here.

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