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Meeting and Greeting at Connection Points

There are nearly a dozen early birds who serve at Connection Points on Sunday mornings, greeting and guiding those who are new to Hoboken Grace.

One of those enthusiastic members of the Assimilation Team is Jean, who has served on the team for the past several years. The Writing Team spoke with her about the purpose of Connection Points and how those who serve on the team help people grow in their relationship with God.

Who or what inspired you to join Connection Points and be a part of the Assimilation Team?

It’s a little fuzzy how it happened because it was over three years ago, but I think either Nick Lenzi or John Milius or Kelvin Tsang asked me to join Connection Points. I figured I’d give it a try and have been serving ever since.

What does serving on Connection Points look like on an average Sunday?

I arrive early and greet people as they enter. After service, I greet people and look for those who look curious or interested.

What are some of the ways you help keep people informed?

I try to provide information to help people get connected, whether it be signing up for a dinner group or joining an impact team. I connect people to the right person within Hoboken Grace to get them the information they are looking for.


What qualities does the Assimilation Team look for in team members? Do you have to be an extrovert to join Connection Points?

It helps to not be afraid to talk to strangers. It helps to genuinely want to make people feel comfortable and welcomed, and to think more about their comfort and less of yours. Anyone who loves to see people get connected can do this. God brings the people to you. You just have to respond!

What is your favorite part of being a member of the Assimilation Team?

Seeing a person get connected and then to see them grow in their journey following Christ.

How has serving impacted your life?

It reminds me of my purpose and the joy that comes from living out that purpose. I find that I don’t just try connecting people while I’m standing at the Connection Point table, but I find myself trying to connect people all the time!


Connection Points is just one part of the larger Assimilation Team, which works to make sure every guest knows they matter. Others working toward that mission include the Family Life Team (which helps our family celebrate special events such as baptism), the Engagement Team (helps people find their place to serve) and the Concierge Team (helps guests take next steps).

Are you interested in joining Connection Points? Email for more information.

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