Mother’s Day At Hoboken Grace

Another Mother’s Day is in the books at Hoboken Grace! Considering all that our mothers do for us, it is only right that we celebrate them in a big way on Mother’s Day. They should be honored every day, but this past Sunday was extra special and made specifically to put a smile on the faces of all the mothers who joined us.

For many, it was the first Mother’s Day that they were able to spend with their mothers after a few years apart. Others picked out this special day to spend extra quality time with their moms.

The decorations put up in the space at 301 Garden were beautiful and made for a great photo opportunity with all the moms in the building and their families. As a bonus, the day outside was as beautiful as can be, setting up the perfect light for all the pictures!

All the mothers were treated to a nice surprise, completing a great morning: they helped themselves to some specialty coffee, along with some delicious breakfast bites in a charcuterie cup. They enjoyed a tasty breakfast during the service — and the macaroons were a huge hit!

Seeing families come together on Mother’s Day was a wonderful reminder of how important community and togetherness are. Making our mothers happy even through small gestures can make a huge impact, and Sunday morning was a great example of that.

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