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When One Buddy Isn’t Enough

As parents, one of the many things we do is worry. It’s natural. We love and care for our children so much and have a huge responsibility to take care of them in so many ways that it can lead to so much worry. We can’t help but wonder…

Will they do well in school?

Will they make friends?

Will they make wise choices?

Will they treat other people the way they want to be treated?

Will they choose God?

There are so many things that we think about on a daily basis! I know that the outcome of many of those questions is outside my control as a parent. It is, however, my responsibility to equip my children with what they need to make wise decisions.

As a parent to children with special needs, equipping them with the truth about how much Jesus loves them can be daunting. As my children spend time in Grace Kids and other places where they can learn about God, I’m not sure how much they’re able to take in.

However, I have seen tremendous growth in my daughter’s relationship with God since being paired with a “buddy” in Grace Kids. A buddy is someone who serves within Grace Kids, assisting an individual child. They help them join their class during worship, participate during the discussion and games, and create their crafts and activities. I believe that buddies are a crucial part of ensuring that children like mine are afforded every opportunity to learn and grow in their faith. It truly is an invaluable blessing.

My daughter Aurora was super lucky to be matched with her buddy, Monica, early on. I will forever be grateful to Monica. I know beyond a doubt that she has had a profound impact on my daughter’s spiritual growth. Aurora has autism and doesn’t speak much. She has trouble with group activities and following directions, but because Monica has chosen to serve in this way, Aurora is able to truly be part of her class and even learn her memory verse. With Monica there, I know there is someone in the classroom helping her engage in all the activities to understand more about how much Jesus loves her.

Right now in Grace Kids there are four other children who are in need of a buddy. And that number continues to grow. Grace Kids strives to create an environment where ALL children are able to experience and grow in the truth and love of Jesus Christ. Buddies are a crucial part of making that happen. There is no special training required, just a desire to love children and help them learn about the one who loves them most.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about becoming a buddy, please email for more information.

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