Performing Personal Poetry

As Paul writes in 1st Corinthians, every believer has been blessed with a spiritual gift. Some of us are sympathetic listeners, while others are powerful speakers. Some of us serve quietly behind the scenes, while others lead publicly. We are all specially gifted to play a unique and vital role in the body of Christ.

At Hoboken Grace, a member of the Spoken Word team, Evelina, is blessed with the ability to express God’s love and power through personal artistic expression.

Evelina, one of the team’s newest members, shares God’s patient love and unending grace  through spoken-word poetry – or poetry that is written and performed for an audience. It’s a rhythm-rich, improvisational style that sings without music.

“I’ve always had an interest in poetry, language, literature and theater,” says Evelina, who majored in theater arts and TV production at Rutgers-Newark. “I have always written poems, lyrics, little rhymes here and there. In my spare time I have kept many journals.”

But Evelina had never performed personal poetry in front of an audience, she says, until joining the team at Hoboken Grace. The team had been looking to showcase unconventional talents, and a friend recommended her. Since then, she has worked on several series, writing poems for the messages that personally resonate.

“I like to connect the Word to my life,” she says. “When I go through difficulties, I can write down my feelings, and give God praise for rescuing me each time.”

We are thankful for Evelina, her giftedness, and her boldness in declaring His love.

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