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Prayer Opportunities

As we come out of our two-week conversation on prayer, I want to let you know about two really exciting steps we’re taking to engage prayer better as a family.

  1. Sunday Morning Prayer: A huge priority for us is to not only be praying as individuals, but also to be praying together. Every Sunday morning we’re creating a space for that to happen. It’s an opportunity for you to pray with others about everything that’s taking place in our family during the week. It’s important that we’re fighting for one another in prayer and that we’re doing so together.
  2. Elder Prayer: One of the things that the scriptures call us to do is to have the elders pray for us. At the end of the service we will have an elder or elders available at the front of the auditorium, specifically to pray for people. Whether it’s a physical situation or a spiritual situation, we want to pray for you and follow Christ in what He’s asked us to do.

These are two of the steps we’re taking and opportunities for you to continue growing in your conversation with Him. We hope you’ll join us as we continue to pursue the one who has loved us most!

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