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She Said Yes!

Last Sunday, before services¬†began, the dozens of people serving that morning gathered for a 9 a.m. Team Huddle. The gathering started out as it usually does, with teams sharing celebrations from the past week. And then Anthony called Stephanie to the stage, announcing he was going to do something “a little bit different.” That set in motion a proposal from Stephanie’s boyfriend, Jeff, who shares below why it was so fitting that they got engaged at Hoboken Grace.

I wanted to propose to Stephanie at Hoboken Grace because it has had such a tremendous impact on both of our lives. Stephanie has been a regular attender and has served in Grace Kids since the beginning of the church over a decade ago. I started attending shortly after moving into the area seven years ago, and quickly connected with a dinner group and began serving on the Production Team. It wasn’t long before our paths crossed through mutual friends and during events at Hoboken Grace.

We were friends for several years before we started to date. When we started dating the first time, our hearts weren’t in the same place and the timing just wasn’t right, so things fizzled out. We both moved on and began casually dating other people but remained friends.¬† God continued working in both our lives to get us to a more mature and compatible place.

Our romance was rekindled about a year ago at a friend’s wedding (someone we know through Hoboken Grace!), and we started dating again shortly thereafter. When mutual friends found out, they were as excited as we were — this was very reaffirming for us. The depth of our love has continued to grow through the biblical values and teachings that we’ve learned at Hoboken Grace and applied in our relationship. We owe everything to the Hoboken Grace community and the invaluable work God has done here!


She said, "Yes!" #Jeffanie #LuckyMan with Stephanie Ann and Anthony Reimer

Posted by Jeff Knorr on Sunday, August 12, 2018

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