Taking the Initiative to Care

Thanks to the initiative of one teenager, more than 14,000 hospitalized kids in over 150 countries have received handmade cards filled with words of encouragement, support and love.

Last month, our Clubhouse kids became part of the movement to spread hope as they crafted cards and learned about taking the initiative to care for others. It’s all part of our lesson about identifying a need and fulfilling it.

Cards for Hospitalized Kids was founded by Jen Rubino, who spent much of her childhood in and out of the hospital, battling a rare illness. When Jen was 16 and recovering from surgery, she received a handmade card from a complete stranger. Realizing that someone who didn’t even know her took the time to reach out and comfort her lifted her spirits. When she got out of the hospital, she recruited several of her friends and they started making cards.

It’s an inspirational story of seeing a need and filling it, without being asked, that really had an impact on our kids.

During Clubhouse, the kids discussed what it must be like to be in the hospital and not be able to go to school or see friends every day – no sleepovers, no sports.

As the kids wrote messages such as “be brave” and “I’m thinking of you,” several of them were disappointed that they couldn’t say anything about Jesus in the cards.

“It was a great teaching moment,” one of the teachers said afterwards.

“I mentioned how, as Christians, it’s important to reach out to others who are going through tough times no matter what they believe. We can first get to know people, and then we can let them know how great Jesus is.”

What impressed the Clubhouse teachers most was how diligently and carefully the kids worked on decorating and writing the cards, and how excited they were to show their parents.

Great job, kids! Thanks for showing all of us how to take the initiative in loving others.








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