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Dinner groups make it easy to meet new friends, build community, and grow your faith. Whether you are new to Hoboken or have lived here for many years, groups provide real and lasting connection with others in your community.

We recently sat down with Colin to help answer some questions about what it’s like to be in a dinner group, including the hesitations that many of us deal with when considering a step like this.

Why did you make the decision to join a dinner group?

I was looking to start my own interfaith spirituality group, and my wife (girlfriend at the time) suggested I check out a dinner group first. I was traveling for work, and it just so happened to be when the first online men’s group launched.

Did you have any hesitations?

I wanted to inspire other people about God and learn more about Him from people of different backgrounds, and I thought I had to do that outside of the Church.

What have you gained or learned from joining?

Dinner group helped me build an entirely new perspective on my Christian faith, and, ultimately, solidify it to the point I was ready to be baptized. I didn’t realize how deep God’s love is in Jesus, and what it really meant to be forgiven in His name. My personal relationship with God has transformed, and the support of my group taught me so much about the benefits and joys of this type of connection.

What have you learned about yourself?

I learned that God wants me to follow Jesus, and that Jesus and His community are enough!

What was life like before dinner group?

Before Dinner Group, life was less grounded. I was full of confusion, though ever-hopeful that God was alive. Life is still difficult, but I know I have God and my dinner group brothers on my side!

What would you say to someone who may be hesitant or skeptical?

I would advise anyone to join. The more skeptical, the better. It makes the conversations WAY more interesting! I believe there is so much of the love of God for us to experience in community, ESPECIALLY when we bring our doubts and fears along with us. Chances are, you’ll find an extremely loving, fun, and supportive group.

What do you look forward to moving forward?

I’m looking forward to continuing my walk with the men in my group. They’re amazing. Everyone who has joined has been a blessing in my life. I know God will continue to challenge, comfort, and strengthen me through my Dinner Group brothers.

Click here to join a men’s, women’s or married couples group!

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