The Impact Of Serving On A Team

We sat down with Dave, who has been serving on the 1st Impressions Team for over 6 years. He is our set-up and tear-down leader and plays an instrumental role in helping to make Sundays what they are! We get to hear about his journey of serving over the last 6 years and what he is looking forward to with the new space. We are so grateful for the way that he has served and loved this community!

Story Team: As Hoboken Grace’s 15th birthday approaches, how has the church grown since you have been a part of it? How long have you been a part of it?

Dave: I started attending in 2016, so for over 6 years now. Church for me, in terms of community, has grown immensely. We started out sitting in the back and just watching from the outside. However, ever since becoming a leader, getting involved with Dinner Group, and creating more connections and friends, Hoboken Grace has become a community and a family. Numbers wise, we have grown as well, seeing an adaptation and evolution to tailor the online experience. The community took a hit during COVID. I can attest to that, being intimately involved with the changes in seating charts (and Lawn Layouts); but we are fairly close now to pre-COVID attendance and what we have grown online!


Story Team: When setting up Hoboken Grace each Sunday, what challenges do you face?

Dave: The two biggest challenges are how to continue to grow and improve the experience while managing and leaning on the same quantity of folks that serve. The setup team fluctuates, so it’s tough to keep folks trained while being able to try to limit how much regular folks serve. The other is space. We are simply out of storage space both for storing the items we need on Sundays and the items that we need during the week (which are stored during Sunday service on top of the items that the school leaves out.) We are thankfully now able to provide a middle school and high school program! But we also need to store all those items for our Sunday service. We have certainly grown in that aspect while keeping the same (if not less) number of hands that can help each Sunday.


Story Team: You have been an instrumental leader in making Hoboken Grace what it stands for today. What drives you to do what you do?

Dave: I won’t give myself any credit for what we stand for; I follow the core values which are ultimately based on The Word and what it is to be a Christian. We have an exceptional group of leaders that drive what it is to serve, to be a leader, and to be a member of the community in all aspects. I am simply driven by the fact that my simple service on Sundays can ultimately have an impact on a person’s life. If putting in a few hours on Sundays can save someone, then that’s all I can strive for and hope for.


Story Team: Do you have any idea of how your role will be different in the new location?

Dave: No idea as of now. We are building a flexible community center so some aspect of setup and teardown will likely be necessary. My hope is that such service roles are available as they are key to building team members. I think the 1st Impressions team is a great entry-level for all members.


Story Team: With this new location, what are your hopes of what it will bring to the community?

Dave: Not to be cliche, but simply put, a sense of belonging and home. A place for the currently growing future generation to develop fully at all ages and become a key figure in our community or other communities.

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