The Power Of Serving On A Team

If you’d like to find out more about our teams and where you can serve, sign up for Team Link by clicking here!

Everything we do here at Hoboken Grace revolves around one mission — helping people find their way back to God. It takes a lot of people with all sorts of skills, talents, and passions to make that possible. 

This Sunday, we’re hosting Team Link at 301 Garden at 3pm! Many people are excited about serving but many times they don’t know exactly which team is a fit for them. Team Link has proven to be the best opportunity for people to learn more about our teams and how to make an impact! Our Story Team spoke to Mark to learn more about his experience at Team Link, and how it helped him find the right team to serve on.

Story Team: How was your first experience with Team Link? 

Mark: The first time I went, I thought it was awesome because every table set up had a leader ready to talk to me. In some of my past experiences at other places, usually, it was only one leader trying to fill spots for every team. At Team Link, there were leaders and team members that were ready to talk about their team and how they serve, and that made it relevant for me — it was really easy to connect. I spent a lot of time trying to learn about each area, and so I had to go to Team Link twice! 

Story Team: Did you have any doubts about joining a team?

Mark: No, I didn’t doubt it, but I just really took the time to search for the best for me. And I tell people today that they can go on any team and they’ll have a good experience as they serve. It’s so beneficial to connect with the people on the teams, and God fills you up so much when you’re serving. So even if it’s a department that you’re not used to, you’ll enjoy the process of serving. 

Story Team: What were the next steps when you decided to join a team?

Mark: I joined the First Impressions Team and after that, I was able to check it out and shadow a leader on a Sunday morning to see what it’s like. So that was what I did and I was able to see how everything worked. After I knew it was something I wanted to do, I went to the team orientation which was great when it came to learning all the values of the team, and the guidelines for serving in the best way possible. The orientation made me feel very comfortable and got me prepared for my role on the team. 

Story Team: What has been the most exciting part about joining/leading a team?

Mark: Going into a team, you can expect certain things of how it’s going to go, but it’s incredible how many moments along the way I got to see other team members grow in their spiritual journey and go above and beyond when serving. I’ve seen members of our team take important steps like baptism, others are joining dinner groups and growing in their faith. It’s incredible to see others grow and that really impacts me as well. Also, it’s amazing to see so many new faces come in the door on Sundays! Every Sunday there is always somebody new coming in and we have the opportunity to embrace and love all these people coming in. 

Story Team: What would you tell people about joining a team at Hoboken Grace? 

Mark: A lot of people may think that it’s a draining experience to serve, but it’s not like that at all. It’s more than just ‘helping out,’ it’s about serving God and it’s the opposite of draining. God fills you up!

If you’d like to find out more about our teams and where you can serve, sign up for Team Link by clicking here!

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