The Third Voice

It happens much earlier than expected; the day arrives when a child no longer cares what their parents have to say. It doesn’t matter how well they’ve loved them. It doesn’t matter how well they’ve cared for them. It doesn’t matter how wise their parents are. The day will arrive.

We all experienced this with our own parents. We appreciated their input, but let’s be honest — they’re old. They don’t understand the world today. They don’t experience the problems we experience. It was foolish, but we all did this to our parents. Some of you are still doing this to your parents. I know because your parents email me.

The day will come.

The question is “Are we prepared?”

When the day arrives there will be another voice that will rise to the top in that child’s life. As kids we think that we’re declaring independence. The truth is we’re simply depending on another input or influence. The voice may be a friend or group of friends. The voice may be a teacher. The voice may be a television show. The voice may be a celebrity. But make no mistake about it, there will be another voice that rises to the top, and to prepare for that day is to be intentional about the voices that are part of the child’s story.

My entire life my parents practiced the principle of the third voice. They were constantly working to help me connect with trustworthy influences that could speak into my life when I wouldn’t listen to them. They weren’t spies to report back to my parents or deliver messages for my parents. They were solid mentors. They were family friends. They were Sunday School teachers. They were pastors and small group leaders. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that, looking back. I can’t tell you how many times I ignored my parents but listened to those voices even though they were saying the same thing.

It’s going to happen. When it happens we scramble to find a third voice, but it’s too late. Trust takes time to build. You have to build the relationship before the day arrives.

As we go into this fall, I want to challenge us to engage the third voice principle.

Parents – Take advantage of Grace Kids, where they can begin developing a third voice relationship. Don’t bring them into the service. I’m not that voice for them. Be consistent. Don’t switch services. Let your child actually develop a relationship with their teacher or small group leader. Don’t wait till the day comes.

Become a third voice in the life of another child. Get plugged into Grace Kids and be that voice for another parent’s child.

Church – Get involved in Grace Kids. You don’t have to be an expert to be a third voice. You just have to care about following Jesus and loving kids. It’s one of the most significant and meaningful ways you could possibly serve.

We are creating a safe place for kids to meet Christ. Be part of that reality.

Click here to schedule a tour of Grace Kids and see how you can begin becoming a third voice today!

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