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Let’s face it, we all probably have over 500 contacts in our phones if not more. Of those 500 we probably have about 5 people that we contact every day. Those people know us inside and out. They know our dreams our struggles, our favorite times and our worst times and our good qualities and not so good qualities. These people are our best friends but more importantly they are our advisors. It’s great to have this core group of people we can go to for support, but what about our kids? Do they have at least five other adults in their life that can provide guidance and give input as they grow up?

When your kids need to talk, who do they talk too? Beyond their friends and beyond you as a parent, will they have other adults they can talk too about important stuff like school, girls, boys, parents, the future, God, faith and other issues that may arise?

This person could be a teacher, a neighbor, a coach, grandparents, an aunt or uncle…anyone that you know personally that wants to invest in your child. Ask them if they’ll spend some time getting to know your child, and even pray for them regularly. And then watch what happens!

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