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Try Something New This Fall

There’s something about fall that ushers in transition. In a season that evokes images of trees shedding their leaves, we seem to shed some of our own lives, leaving behind old apartments, old jobs and old routines for new ones. And while such life changes could happen any time of year, in Hoboken especially, they seem to happen most often around late summer and early fall.

Whether or not that’s true for you this year, fall is the perfect time to dive into something new. And from photography workshops and cycling events to our one-day impact event and growth conference, there are plenty of options at Hoboken Grace:

1). Join a dinner group

Dinner groups are where 10 or so people of different backgrounds and experiences come together to share their struggles and celebrations. Whether it is in the way you are cared for or how you care for others, the struggles you will walk through or the parties you throw, it is here that you will experience family and find a place to belong. If you’re not in a dinner group, you can join one today.

2). Come out of your shell

We’ve got a solid lineup of Connection Events on tap. From Thursday Night Football to Moms Night Out, there’s something for everyone – and it’s an easy way to meet a new friend!

3). Take a step forward

Spare an hour or two this fall taking one of Hoboken Grace’s Sunday growth classes. Learn more about getting plugged in at Hoboken Grace (Next), dinner groups (Creating Community), using your time and talents to serve (Engage), baptism (What Is Baptism), becoming a member (CORE) or establishing strong biblical habits (Rhythms). Learn more about the classes and when they’re offered here.

4). Join a team

Serving on a team at Hoboken Grace is a great way to learn more about your gifts and how you can use them to love other people well. Maybe that looks like making people feel welcome each Sunday morning, as a member of the First Impressions Team. Or maybe that means making an impact in Grace Kids, or through photography, writing or music. How can you use your gifts to love other people? Reach out to the Engagement Team or attend our Engage class on the first Sunday of each month to find out more about serving.


5). Attend Amplify on Oct. 21st

Hoboken Grace’s one-day growth conference is less than two months away! Mark your calendar for Amplify on Saturday, Oct. 21st. Growth tracks include Foundations (how to live life more rooted in God’s word), Empower (how to better use your gifts and talents), Story (how to tell your story), various book studies and Marriage.

6). Find financial freedom

When it comes to giving generously, oftentimes what holds us back is anxiety over our finances. FPU is for anyone who dreams of finding financial freedom — freedom from debt, anxiety, and any sort of uncertainty about budgeting and financial planning. Former students say the class helped them gain a grip on their finances, but also gave them the confidence to think big and give big. Find out more and register today (classes start next week).

7). Make an impact in 1Day

Hoboken Grace’s biggest community impact event, 1Day, is just a few weeks away. Each year, we take one day to make the biggest impact possible in our city. It all starts at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 30th, at 301 Garden St. After a quick check-in, everyone will disperse to more than 20 service projects across the city, then meet up again later in the day for an epic after-party. Don’t miss out! Register today.

8). Find your place in God’s story

Dive into a book of the Bible this fall with one of Hoboken Grace’s two Story Studies (Genesis and Acts). These classes are designed to help you engage in God’s word in new ways and see scripture differently. But they will also help you see how these books fit into a bigger picture, and help you uncover your place in God’s story. (Note: These classes are for members only. If you are not yet a member, the CORE membership class is offered once a month.)

9). Check out Grace Kids

One of the easiest ways to impact our community is by working in the lives of its children. Consider serving in Grace Kids this fall, or just take a tour one Sunday to see a bigger picture of all that Grace Kids is doing.


10). Give cycling a try (for a good cause)

Add some positive spin to your work week and take a CycleBar class benefiting two of our favorite organizations. We’re riding to support Hope + Future and helping Bring the Light to Love Does’ Restore Leadership Academy in Uganda.

11). Pick up a new skill

Whether you’re new to photography or already a pro, there’s plenty to learn between the three workshops offered by the Photo Team this fall. Start with Photo Foundations, attend a Photo Walk and then join the team for a Church Photography Workshop. Photographers of all skill levels welcome.

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