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“I was looking for a new way to serve at Hoboken Grace and I had a conversation with a friend who mentioned that there’s a huge need for male leaders in Grace Kids,” Josh says. “It kind of threw me off. It wasn’t on my radar. I wasn’t thinking about serving in kids ministry. I’d never really done that before and I really didn’t think I connected well with kids. I was kind of hesitant at first.”

Josh decided to check out Grace Kids anyway, and it’s been an incredible experience. He soon realized it was easier than he thought it would be to form a connection with the kids he was serving, and he began looking forward to seeing them each Sunday.

If you’ve been thinking about serving in Grace Kids but are hesitant like Josh was, that’s completely normal. Did you know you can take a tour to learn about the many ways you can make an impact?

“If you’re hesitant, come, try it out, shadow, and you’ll be amazed at what gifts God has given you and the impact you’ll have on kids’ lives,” Josh says.

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