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What a Difference a Day Can Make

We have a saying at Hoboken Grace: We don’t just live here, we love here.

Take a stroll through any part of Hoboken and you’ll see what that love — and a little elbow grease — can do. You can see it along the waterfront, where volunteers cleared debris at the Maxwell Place beach. You can see it as you pass by Holy Innocents on Willow, where the fence has a new coat of paint. And you can see it in the smiles of teachers, whose classrooms are now set up for a new school year.

Armed with rakes, leaf blowers and paintbrushes, more than 230 volunteers set out Saturday to tackle weeds, clutter, dust bunnies and debris, reaching every corner of the city during Hoboken Grace’s biggest 1Day event ever. Nearly 20 teams worked on projects at schools, parks and various organizations across the community — and the community took notice.


“We felt overwhelmingly blessed to have our classrooms arranged when we walked in the door Monday morning,” said Abby, a teacher at Mustard Seed School. “This allowed us to jump right in to productive problem-solving instead of spending time worried about the state of our space. It was such, such a blessing to us.”

Volunteers also worked on projects at Hoboken High School, the Hoboken Shelter, Church Square Park, In Jesus’ Name Charities, the city’s Cultural Affairs department, Stevens Park and other sites throughout Hoboken.

Check out the photos here — or just take a walk around Hoboken to see the difference for yourself.

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