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What Are You Most Excited About?

Recently while speaking with our Dinner Group leaders, I was asked “What are you most excited about this fall?”  To be honest, I wasn’t expecting the question, but my answer came without hesitation.

A Night of Prayer.

There is no doubt that what I’m most excited about is one of the simplest things we do. It’s once a month. It’s about an hour long. I believe it’s the most important meeting of our month. Here’s why:

1). Obedience: The number one reason why we do what we do is obedience. I’m terrified of not being obedient. There are so many things that we do simply because we’re obeying. Do we need to understand in order to obey? If so, we’re in trouble. God calls us to fight for one another and the world around us in prayer. A Night of Prayer is another way in which we can be obedient to what He’s asked us to do.

2). Power: James tells us that our prayer has “great power and produces wonderful results.” We don’t want to be a mediocre church. We want to be a powerful force of love and reconciliation. Our power is directly related to our prayer. The more we pray, the more powerful what we do becomes!

3). Community: There is something unique that happens when you pray with someone. You connect spiritually. That’s a type of community that the world doesn’t know. Our community deepens every time we pray together.

If I were to tell you we’re doing something that would allow us to be obedient, powerful and a stronger community, you’d be excited. Now maybe you’ll understand why the thing I’m most excited about is A Night of Prayer.


A Night of Prayer is held on the first Thursday of each month. Join us this Thursday, Dec. 1, at 8 p.m. at 301 Garden.

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