What the Heck is Teams Night?

On Friday, June 5th, we will have our second Teams Night of 2015. Our first one, in March, was an incredible night of prayer and worship, and just of time spent leaning on God. Over the past several months I’ve had a lot of questions about it, mainly along these lines:

“Can I go to Teams Night?”

“Can I bring my friend to Teams Night?”

“What the heck is Teams Night?!”

I’d like to take this opportunity to diffuse some rumors and incorrect assumptions about this event. Ready? Here we go!

Lie No. 1.) “Teams Night is only for people who serve on Sunday.”

I can understand how that could be a pretty easy assumption to make. But it is not true. Teams Night is for everyone and anyone serving in any way in our family. This includes dinner group leaders and coaches, people who serve on teams that don’t meet Sunday like the food donation tables, those who serve with TRUE Mentors, you name it. If you’ve used your time and talents to serve God and others in our community, then this is for YOU.

Lie No. 2.) “I just joined a team, but I haven’t served yet, so I can’t go to Teams Night.”

At Teams Night, we are going to spend time talking about things that speak specifically to those serving – this much is true. Does that mean it will be completely over your head if you’re not? Maybe, maybe not. But we want you to know that the songs we sing, the words spoken and the things we do are going to have a drastically more potent impact on you if you’ve been serving. It’s going to hit home a little more, it’s going to be that much more relevant.

So no, you do not HAVE to be on a team and serving, but your experience is going to be more whole and purposeful if you are.

Lie No. 3.) “I’ve got a friend who is interested in joining our team, but they haven’t yet, so I can’t bring them.”

I think one of the best things you can do for a friend who is new is to invite them to serve along with you. We say this all the time, and talk about it in Intro To Impact – never serve alone. Part of that process could be bringing them to Teams Night. My hope is that for people who are on the fence about diving into this thing we call “church” and “family,” they would be inspired, motivated and excited about becoming a part of it after attending a Teams Night. In the plainest of terms, we create this time to be rejuvenated by and spend time with our God. But it is also a reminder that we are NOT in this alone – that there are hundreds of people who make this thing happen week to week, that are pouring out their hearts in worship to Him through serving. Teams Night brings that all home. It gives us a chance to come together, stop before God, and take a look at what He’s doing through our service.

Lie No. 4.) “Teams Night is an excuse for Dana to wear her bright red Vans sneakers and jump around on stage.”

The only lie in that statement is the fact that they’re green shoes, thank you very much.

PS: If you’re looking for a way to serve or just get involved in being a part of Hoboken Grace and the community, going here is a great place to start.


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