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You Only Have To Be Interested

If you are anything like Xiaochan, you joined a team at Hoboken Grace because of one of the amazing video testimonies that was shared on Sunday morning. In her case, she watched as someone on the Grace Kids team shared how they could use helpers. While she initially had hesitations, that all changed when she heard the volunteer say that you don’t have to be interesting, but rather, you have to be interested. With that, she was put to ease and knew she wanted to dive in and see what the team was all about.

Now serving with Grace Kids for almost two years, Xiaochan can’t imagine not being involved with this incredible team. Her favorite part? Loving on the kids well and being a part of their journey. “When the kids shout words like God or Jesus, it just makes me so excited,” she says. When thinking about the impact those kiddos have made on her heart, she says, I wish we could all have this kind of pure heart, like the kids do, loving people around them so unconditionally.”

And it’s not just about serving the kids; the team is also serving their parents. Being able to give the parents time to be alone with God is another huge reason she loves to serve on the Grace Kids team. “I really want to provide an opportunity for parents to go to the service and enjoy some good time with God,” she says. Grace Kids gives the parents an opportunity to know their children are being well taken care of while they get to relax in the grownup space.

And what she wasn’t expecting? Growing in her own faith by learning from those she serves with. She says she has a great support group through the Grace Kids team and that they pray together every Sunday before they serve. By serving weekly, Xiaochan is now an integral part of the Grace Kids team and community, which is not something she first expected.

Whether it be God stirring in your heart to take the next step or a provoking video testimony at church, you’re invited to join a team. Take it from Xiaochan: “Take the leap of faith by giving God an opportunity to further work in your life”  and join a team. To see what opportunities are available, click here. And if you have a story to share about the impact of joining a team, reach out to our Story Team here.

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