• Preschool

    God loves me, God made me and Jesus wants to be my friend forever!

Here we focus on children from ten weeks old until walking is their main mode of transportation. This environment isn’t about daycare or babysitting. Our hope is to teach the little ones about God’s love for them through loving behavior and by developing nurturing relationships. Every week we have a dedicated group of volunteers who look forward to the exciting opportunity of showing the babies God’s love. We have a variety of fun ways of doing this including singing, reading and playing! We would love the chance to meet you and your little one(s) so please stop by and say Hi!

When walking is your little one’s main mode of transportation, we welcome them to the Toddler’s & Twos area! Often, at this age, it can be challenging for our kids to be away from their parents. But not to worry, we have many activities and a processes that can help make this a smooth transition for your little one (and you!). Our focus is to help children feel safe and loved, so that they can have fun with us as they learn about the One who loves them most!

This area is specifically designed for our friends who are ages three through five, and not yet in elementary school. In this environment, we teach basic principles of love through a variety of fun and adventurous activities including a super fun bible story! We use a curriculum from “Orange” to create fun activities that introduce your preschooler to God. We do this by beginning to explore the Bible, prayer and learning ways of showing love to others.

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