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    Building relationships to help lead middle schoolers to God

When our transit groups meet, they spend time having fun together, participating in cool activities and games, but most importantly they build relationships. Those relationships, with each other, with their small group leaders and with God will be an invaluable tool for them as they navigate one of the strangest and most confusing times in their lives; middle school.

We have found that kids and teachers have the best experience when they consistently attend group. Relationships flourish with consistency! However, we understand that Summer schedules can be tough with travel, so we invite you to join each week as your schedule allows.

YES! We invite you to check it out anytime, but this week is our first week at The Lawn, so it will be a night of FUN and getting to know each other but again, you are welcome to check it out any Thursday!

Yes, your child is welcome to attend Clubhouse until graduation which is on June 13th. More info to follow!

We know that transitions can be challenging and we want to do all that we can to make them as smooth as possible. So on Sundays, from May 23rd until graduation on June 13th our 5th graders will check into Clubhouse and then attend the service with their small group leader. After the service they will head back upstairs where they will be able to talk about the experience with each other and their small group leader. After that (starting June 20th) they will attend the service with you each Sunday and their Middle School Group each Thursday.

Graduation is a celebration for all kids who will be moving to the next grade in Grace Kids, including our 5th graders who are heading into middle school. It takes place on Sunday morning, June 13th, in Clubhouse. All you have to do is bring your child to Grace Kids during the 9:30 or 11:00 service & we will celebrate them while you enjoy the service downstairs. 

Yes! We use the XP3 curriculum from Orange for our Middle School Groups. XP3 is specifically designed for kids in 6th – 8th grade and covers a range of topics that are most relevant to middle schoolers today. The lessons point them to God and His word as they build deep relationships with their small group leaders through conversation and activities. The curriculum includes things like cool games, activities, teaching videos, devotionals and more!

Absolutely! We strongly encourage inviting friends. All kids in our community from 6th – 8th grade are welcome. There are so many benefits to your soon to be 6th grader inviting their friends. It will help them feel more comfortable with the new location and their friends will love it!

We’re so happy you asked! Your Middle School Small Group Leaders are an incredible group of men and women who have committed to show up weekly and intentionally for the purpose of building a relationship with your kids, to become the “Third Voice” in their life. They will help to point them to God and His Word when they have questions and when they’re working through the challenges and celebrations that come with this phase in their life. Since safety is our number one priority with your kids your Small Group Leaders have also been through extensive background check and safety training.

Yes! This is a perfect opportunity for you to meet our Middle School Small Group Leaders!

We would love the opportunity to answer any additional questions you may have. Simply email

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