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  • Home Response Plan

    As we continue The Home Initiative, we’re not going to love better later. We’re going to love better now!

From the beginning, the Home Initiative has been about creating home and sharing home with our community. God has positioned us to step into that opportunity and now we have a powerful opportunity to do that. Commitments to the Home Initiative are allowing us to love our community – not later, but right now!

As a leadership team, we’ve decided to give from what God has given us. We don’t plan to wait until everything is brought in to make that choice. As a church we want to give first, just as we do in our personal lives. We’re targeting $440k to be utilized in the Home Response Plan.

Your Home Commitment is allowing us to share home with our community through a wide variety of opportunities that you will see rolling out over the next two weeks!

Many Small Business owners are struggling as we walk through this together. We understand that we have a large number of professionals who may be able to help them during this time. We are bringing together a team of volunteer accountants and attorneys who are willing to provide pro-bono advice / services to local business owners who need assistance navigating the complexity of this moment. We want to leverage every resource to help our neighbors.


Volunteer now to assist a local small business!


Volunteer now to assist a local small business!

Small Business Owners

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We are currently building a team of professionals who will provide resume and interview coaching for those looking for employment. These team members will be available to book for one-on-one coaching sessions. It’s crucial that we help people get back to work as quickly as possible, and while many jobs have been lost, there are opportunities emerging. We want to help people engage those opportunities well.

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We are looking for people with experience in HR. 

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We will be doubling our partnership support budget, allowing us to assist those partners who are working in areas of extreme need. We have amazing partners doing excellent work throughout our community. We want to make sure they can continue to do so from a position of strength. Specifically, we are working to resource tutoring programs that can aid those falling behind in the current home school education setting.

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Small Business Assistance

As small businesses reopen in our community, we want to celebrate, encourage, and assist them in a way that also allows us to love our community and those in need. Again, we want to leverage our resources financially to do so, but also to leverage our people’s resources to do all we can to support those who are crucial in the development of our community.

Local Church Support

Our situation is not the norm. Local churches are struggling during this time, and we want to come alongside our partner churches in a meaningful way. We want to ensure that they continue impacting their communities and are able to love during this time as well. It takes all kinds of churches to reach all kinds of people. Jesus’ mission of seeking and saving is our mission, and we want to invest heavily in that.

Small Business & Nonprofit Future Development

It’s crucial that we invest both in current nonprofits and businesses, as well as assist those who will be stepping into areas of need during the upcoming year. We have a long history of helping nonprofits launch inside our community, and we want to take that to an entirely new level during this time!

It’s our goal to double our benevolence budget, allowing us to come alongside individuals who are working through unemployment or underemployment situations. Our team does an amazing job of helping people navigate overwhelming financial situations. We want to make sure that team has the resources to do so with an increased demand.

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