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Series: A Grown Up Love

No one wants a childish relationship, but we continue to hold on to childish ideas of love. A grown up love is built on a grown up understanding of how we give and receive love.

Join us this spring as we allow God to break down some of our childish ideas of love and replace them with a grown up love!

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No Quitting

May 28, 2017

We are not going to wake up one day and love perfectly according to 1 Corinthians. As we close out A Grown Up Love, there is a critical lesson about love we need to learn in order to endure.

Who’s Winning?

May 21, 2017

So often we choose winning in the moment at the expense of thriving. We manipulate the truth to get what we think we want and in the end it costs us dearly. It’s time to thrive.

No Records

May 14, 2017

One of the hardest aspects of relationships is forgiveness. For many of us, we want to forgive, but how do we actually, “Keep no record of wrongs”? It’s time to leave behind the childish idea of forgiveness that we hold to and experience a whole new foundation for true forgiveness.

I Found Myself A Cheerleader

May 7, 2017

We live our lives writing OUR story. It’s all about OUR story. We think that love is when we find a nice addition to our story, but love isn’t when someone enhances your story. It’s when you begin to care about another story more than yours.

A Grown Up Love

April 23, 2017

In so many ways we never get past fifth grade relationally. There can be good in that, but there are also many childish ideas of love that rob us of actually knowing and experiencing the love we were created to know and experience. What does it look like to have meaningful, lasting, grown up love?

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