Series: Break Free

What if it’s actually possible to experience a fresh start? What if we can break free of ongoing struggles, our past, and what seems to be our future?

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What Am I Alive For?

May 22, 2022

Often times we focus on asking “What is worth living for?” But have you ever stopped to ask yourself “What am I alive for?”

Free To Serve

May 15, 2022

Is it possible to experience freedom by focusing on others instead of yourself?

Free From Who You Were

May 8, 2022

We often base our identities on the roles we hold, our careers, and material things, but do any of these truly bring life?

Free From The Penalty

May 1, 2022

If we’re being honest we all have things we’re ashamed of, but what if forgiveness from Jesus leads us on a path to freedom?

Free From The Transaction

April 24, 2022

In a life full of transactional relationships, what if there is another way?

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