Series: Don’t Laugh

We’ve been told we can pray to God. We often yell at God. We may cry with God. We ask God for things. We may even consult God about our questions, but is it possible to enjoy God? Join us for a conversation about the one who created laughter, the one whose birth was to bring “JOY.” Maybe He’s not who we thought. Maybe He’s better.

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Attach Your Feelings To Something Better

January 14, 2018

What is it that your joy is attached to? Is it possible to attach our joy to something bigger? What if God is calling us to do just that? What would that look like?

Don’t Laugh

January 7, 2018

As we launch into 2018, Pastor Chris challenges the image we have of God and the way we experience Him, leaving us wondering if maybe there is more to this than we thought.

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