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Series: His Church

The ministry of Jesus Christ launched a movement that today we call the Church. He called us into faith, hope and love unlike anything the world had ever seen, but there has also been tension.

From the very first days of the Church there were those who wanted to twist the message of Jesus Christ to accomplish their own mission. History is full of these stories, and every time this movement is hijacked to build “Our Church” instead of “His Church” it becomes very ugly.

Over the next few weeks we will take a look at “His Church” and better understand Christ’s purpose in building the Church. Let’s explore together the truth and lies behind God’s intentions and man’s interpretation of church.

Join us this Sunday, June 15th, on Father’s Day at any of our three locations as we begin our new series His Church: A Real Conversation About The Good and Bad of Church. See you Sunday!

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His Church: Because “Our” Church Sucks

June 15, 2014

The audio podcast is cut a little at the beginning. It begins with Jenn Souka describing the early part of her life journey.

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