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Series: Legacy

In a world where so much of what we do is insignificant, how can we live a life that leaves a powerful legacy?  How can we live lives of true lasting significance?

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What We’ve Been Given

February 5, 2017

Living the life of the Good Samaritan is not simply about how we manage our time. It’s not simply about how we view significance. It’s about managing what we’ve been given, leveraging everything to care for the people He’s put in our path!

Which Neighbor

January 29, 2017

When we begin to live the journey of the Good Samaritan we discover a new tension. It’s not that we struggle to find people to help, it’s which people to help. We can’t help them all. How do we choose?

Failing Significantly

January 22, 2017

Why do we pass by? What is it that we struggle with in actually becoming the Good Samaritan? Why are we all too often represented best by the two who continue down the road? Explore with us the mindset shift necessary to become the Good Samaritan.

In the Ditch

January 15, 2017

Do we recognize ourselves? In our striving to be significant, to be successful in this world, we often are not honest about who we are. We aren’t honest about the hero of our story and who needs to be rescued.


January 8, 2017

We strive for meaning in our life, for significance. We think it’s so hard and that it has to be big and that we have to change the whole world. But what if there’s an answer we’re missing right in front of us? What does it mean to live a life of significance?

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